Creation Trip to Rötylän kota and ”pets”

26 Juillet 2019, 07:15  -  #Creation, #Erasmus+, #Finland

It was the last week in our school year in May. We had decided to walk a couple of kilometres to the nearby hill, Saukkovaara and Rötylän kota. It was a warm and sunny day. Students were eager to start walking. They arrive to the meeting point before teachers. We made a campfire, ate our packed lunch and fried sausages. 


Teachers had made up a competition. Students, alone or in groups, the ones who wanted to participate, had to make a pet, a some kind of a creature with the material found on the ground. They are not supposed to use living material. Many students wanted to take part to the competition. They planned the pet and they had a little piece of string to get the parts together. Students spent quite a lot of time to make the creatures. Teachers took a photograph of every creature and decided which one is the most creative. Students creatures were funny and it was not easy to decide the best one.

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