Environment How to make school days more active

26 Juillet 2019, 06:57  -  #Environment, #Finland, #Erasmus+

We have tried to make our school breaks and the whole school days more active for many years now. Students only seem to concentrate on their mobile phones during the breaks. Our lower school students are not allowed to use their phones during the breaks.

We gathered some eager upper school students and they made up some activities that would make lower school students to play more active during the 15-minute breaks. The event lasted one whole week this year. Students played and taught new and old games to our primary school pupils. On Monday older students had relaxation breaks for the classes 5 to nine (age 11-16) On Tuesday Mannerheim League for Child wellfare, MLL, had healthy snacks for students. On Wednesday the older students acted as assisting teachers in classes. On Thursday students played some outdoor games with younger students. They played dodgeball and mirror game. On Friday in the last lesson the students had an opportunity to choose whether they want to do homework or participate in relaxation moment.


Afterwards young pupils wanted to play the same games again with older students. So, we managed to do something.

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