Health -First Aids

par Esther Gil  -  25 Août 2020, 17:46  -  #Health, #Spain

Health -First Aids Health -First Aids
Health -First Aids Health -First Aids
Health -First Aids Health -First Aids


A class from our high school received a three-hour course on First Aid training from the local Red Cross. The aim of this activity was for students to learn the basic aid skills and to transfer them to their peers. During the training they learnt: 


-how to distinguish danger, autoprotection and prevention 

-the most common emergency situations and how to act 

-the basic rules (protect, call for help by calling 112 and help) 

-Basic Side Security Position

-know how to do a primary exploration of a victim  

-learn what to do in case of temperature, wounds, dizziness…

- learn how to clear a blocked airway


-learn how to act in front of a cut

-learn how to act in front of a burn 


Once they had this basic training they became "trainers" who transferred what they had learnt to many other classes under the supervivion of teachers who are also certified. We have to take into account that in our high school there are vocational courses related to cuisine so they have to work with knives and so cuts are very common. For that reason, many teachers also have this certificate to get to solve this daily health issues. 



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